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Whether you’re arranging a funeral for a loved one or preparing for the future, you might be wondering where to begin. From choosing the type of casket to how to deal with grief following a tragic death, we have what you need every step of the way.

Below, you will find funeral resources to learn everything you need to know and how Dietrich-Mothershead Funeral Home can help! If you have any questions or concerns, our team of compassionate funeral directors is available to help 24 hours a day.

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Many people will choose a casket, urn, burial vault, or other outer burial container. Your funeral director will guide you through these choices in our newly remodeled selection room, featuring caskets from Batesville Casket Company. Whether you choose a conventional, commemorative, or classic style, you can tastefully personalize it with different materials, design elements, and other features. Use this as an opportunity to acknowledge the person’s hobbies, interests, faith, and service to their country.

Learn More On Our Caskets & Urns Page.

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At Dietrich-Mothershead Funeral Home, we have a long history of helping veterans and their families plan meaningful tributes to those that bravely served their country. We are available to coordinate everything from arranging burials in a National or State Veteran’s Cemetery to facilitating the funeral procession escort by the Patriot Guard. We also offer personalized, American-made caskets and burial vaults which help commemorate one’s military service.

Learn More On Our Veteran Funeral Page.

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Pre-planning your funeral is a wise choice so that you can ease the burden off your family during a time when they are grieving. Plus, you can choose exactly what you want and how you want your last goodbye to be said. A funeral director at Dietrich-Mothershead Funeral Home will assist you with advance funeral planning whether for yourself or someone who needs your help. The advance funeral plan can be made for any type of service, whether it be a traditional, veteran, memorial, or cremation service.

Learn More On Our Funeral Planning Page.

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Once you have celebrated the life of your loved one, what comes next? Grief is a natural part of life and countless people have survived and moved on. As a full service funeral home, we are dedicated to serving those who ask for our assistance at whatever stage of the post-death grieving process. With our help, you will see that suffering after the death of a loved one is not a bottomless pit, but a process that can be worked through until the ultimate goal of acceptance.

Learn More On Our Grief Support Page.

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Funeral Director

Your loved one’s life should be honored in a way that would make them proud. Our team of caring, compassionate funeral directors is available to help 24 hours a day to help you add the personal touches that celebrate their life.

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Funeral Services

No matter if you want to honor your loved one with a casual ceremony or a formal one, our services allow all attending the service to express their heartfelt gratitude for the part their loved one played in shaping their life.

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Cremation Services

We provided memorial service options for loved ones who chose cremation over a traditional burial.  All of our cremation services include assistance with permanently placing the urn at a cemetery or columbarium.

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