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Funeral rituals have been a common element of human cultures and communities throughout history. At Dietrich-Mothershead Funeral Home in De Soto, MO, funeral services fulfill a unique human need to say goodbye to deceased loved ones. Our team of compassionate staff can help you celebrate and remember those you hold dear with the professionalism and care you deserve.

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Although many types of funeral services exist, they all aim toward the same goal – honoring the deceased and their life well lived. At Dietrich-Mothershead Funeral Home, we’re here to help you arrange a unique service for a special person. Whether you choose a specific funeral service or wish to combine aspects from several types, our staff can help make it happen.

Common funeral service types include:

Traditional Funeral Services

Also called “full-service funerals,” the traditional funeral service incorporates multiple steps or events. A visitation or wake commences the day before or after the funeral ceremony. Family and friends gather at a funeral home or place of worship during the visitation to pay their respects. The deceased’s body is often displayed in an open or closed casket at the front of the room.

Next, the funeral ceremony begins, where attendees gather for eulogies, readings, music, and sometimes prayer led by an officiant. Churches and other religious settings often follow a specific order of service for funerals. Directly after, a handful of guests (close friends and family) attend the burial at a cemetery. Following the burial or committal, funeral attendees gather at a family member’s home or a common area for a reception.

Celebration of Life

A celebration of life ceremony resembles the traditional funeral in honoring a deceased loved one but accomplishes it differently. Celebrations of life often occur after the body’s burial or cremation, giving family members more time to plan a special occasion. Since they require more creativity than a traditional funeral service, celebrations of life incorporate unique aspects that tell a story.

You can choose how to commemorate your loved one’s life. Whether you plan the service around a theme, include their favorite foods and drinks, display awards, host a lantern send-off, or even throw a dance party, celebrations of life hold no restrictions. As always, your funeral director can help coordinate every aspect.

Memorial Service

Memorial services include specific parts of traditional funerals and celebrations of life. Similar to the celebration of life, memorials also occur after the body’s burial or cremation. It can either reflect the traditional order of service with music, readings, and eulogies or memorialize the deceased in a celebratory manner.

Friends and family come together with no viewing or visitation to remember their loved ones. They share memories, help each other grieve, and offer support. Therefore, memorial services often take a more reflective and somber note than a celebration of life.

Graveside Service

Although a component of the traditional funeral service, the graveside service can also commence as a standalone event. Attendees gather at a cemetery or burial site for an officiant-led ceremony. Typically shorter than a traditional service, the ceremony ends with the body’s final disposition.

Direct Burial

Direct burial occurs without any visitation or funeral service. Instead, the funeral home obtains the death certificate and other required permits, prepares the body, and arranges transportation to the gravesite for burial immediately following death. Typically, an inexpensive casket houses the body.

Direct Cremation

Similarly, direct cremation occurs right after death. Therefore, no embalming or expensive urn is necessary. The funeral director coordinates all relevant details, such as burying the urn or scattering the ashes.

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As humans, we have a natural desire to honor, respect, and remember those who die. Funeral services fulfill our innate need to memorialize our loved ones and their lives. Whatever service type you choose, the funerals help you to:

  • Accept the finality of death and acknowledge your loss.
  • Tell the story – about one’s life, what they believed, and their legacy.
  • Provide a stable, orderly environment during early periods of grief.
  • Gather as a community of support for those who have experienced a loss.
  • Express the faith and values of a life well lived.

Formal or casual, religious or secular, your funeral director will help you plan a funeral service that creates a meaningful tribute to your loved one. Our team of professionals at Dietrich-Mothershead regularly works alongside all faith communities, veterans and fraternal organizations, and other community groups in funeral planning. We also maintain a network of fellow professionals who can add that special personal touch to a celebration of life.

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Although initially founded as separate competitors in 1929 and 1930, our goal has remained the same. We strive to assist you in all funeral service planning and preparation aspects. Our team of compassionate funeral professionals is here to help you and offer support during this difficult time. Contact us today to create a funeral service that best suits your loved one.

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Your loved one’s life should be honored in a way that would make them proud. Our team of caring, compassionate funeral directors is available to help 24 hours a day to help you add the personal touches that celebrate their life.

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Cremation Services

We provided memorial service options for loved ones who choose cremation over a traditional burial.  All of our cremation services include assistance with the permanent placement of the urn at a cemetery or columbarium.

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